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Psychological Assessments and Tests

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Psychological Assessment evaluates human mind, behavior and emotions. After the assessment and evaluation that are proceeded after the completion of the Wisefull Tests, the solutions for problems are focused on through therapy sessions.

Psychological Assessments

Psychological Assessment evaluates human mind, behavior and emotions. The assessment consists of norm-referenced tests, surveys, interview with an expert, observation, and school or medical records. Norm referenced psychological tests are researched and standardized according to international norms. These tests evaluate an individual’s intelligence, memory, visual and auditory skills, social skills, development, attention, personality and other skills and traits.

Wisefull Test Application

International and academically valid tests are applied to adults and children by expert psychologists in Wisefull Academy. Tests packs from these tests that are formed by expert psychologists are used within the designated plans. Test packs are designed for the psychologists and coaches in order to make a whole evaluation and assessment of the individual. Depending on the results of the tests psychologists and coaches prepare their session plans.

Tests for adults

Tests are formed and shaped in a way that covers an individual’s life from birth until death in the contemporary life. Tests for adults is the first step to make the personal, family and work life of an individual easier. Following the tests, the client and the psychologist or the coach assess the situation together and they prepare their sessions plans for achieving the client’s peace and success in family/home life.

Tests for children

In the modern world, the need for coaching has increased. It is very important for children to be ready to adulthood in every way without falling behind the expected development rate. Tests are the first stage of these preparations.

Test packs

Schools, institutions and psychologists can use our test packs in order to help their students and clients. The only thing you have to do is to examine the test packs together with our psychologists.