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  • 10/12/2022
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In research conducted among Harvard University graduates in 1923, it was revealed that only three students out of a hundred had a written set of goals that they wanted to achieve and a plan about how to achieve them.

Twenty years later, in an assessment with the same people, it was found that this 3% of people are in a much better state, both emotionally and financially, and feel happy and successful.

Human beings are susceptible to development and beauty. We want to own all the beautiful things we see and hear. But, when there is a big gap between things that we want and things that we have, we often fall into a void and are left feeling aimless. Fear and anxiety start taking over when we can’t face up to the task at hand.

Anxiety and fears make life meaningless and create a feeling of uncertainty about the future. This emptiness and uncertainty, in turn, create dependencies. All of these make life unbearable.

Goal setting in coaching

Setting goals is the process of putting a coachee's dreams in a way that is realistic, attainable, has a time frame, and can be measured.

To avoid any disappointments with goal setting, the goal or goals should be defined very clearly during the session framing stage. It is necessary to be very careful about setting new goals until the coaching process is over.

Important aspects of goal setting with a coachee

  • What does the coachee want, and is his or her potential enough to achieve that?
  • Can these goals be achieved within the desired timeframe?
  • Has he or she set any goals before?
  • If yes, what were the breaking points?
  • What are intrinsic and external motivation sources?
  • Is he/she resistant to roadblocks on the way to success?
  • Does he or she have enough knowledge and skills to achieve these goals?
  • Is the goal aligned with the future vision?

The Advantages of Goal Setting

  • Planning
  • Developing a habit of working with consistency and willingness
  • Active use of intrinsic and external motivations
  • release of endorphins
  • Getting rid of harmful dependencies
  • Making sense of life
  • Being yourself
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