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Wunderkind prepares the student to life by improving their skills as they help them focus on success in the environment of the student’s own school. Wunderkind is a special academic teaching program for children between the ages of 6-14. The program proceeds after the school for two hours every day. This program is of 8-months and at the end of the program, a Wisefull Participation certificate is presented to the attended students.


Before starting Wunderkind program, academic development and education tests are applied to the applicant students. The tests are the turned into ready reports by our expert psychologists. Depending on the results of these tests the weak and strong traits of the students are identified. Therefore depending on these identified traits a specific and individual program is prepared for each student.

Individual Program

After the reports are examined by our psychologists a special program and schedule is prepared for each student. This program consists of both academic and individual skills development. Wunderkind program is implemented for 8 months.


Teamwork is the most important factor that affects the future life of an individual. Teamwork skills are emphasized in the contemporary individualistic world. Therefore, teamwork skills are improved by group works and common activities throughout the spectrum of Wunderkind program.

Psychomotor Exercises

What is a psychomotor exercise? It is a process that begins before birth and proceeds throughout life, which improves the skills that are based on physical movement. In this process, two movement types are learned: by using the body and using an object.

Completion of School Homeworks

The completion of school homeworks before the parents come home from their works will enable the family to have enjoyable evenings as a family. Wunderkind program does work differently and separately with each of the students in completion of their school homeworks.

Brain Train Skills

Brain Train activities that are included in the Wunderkind program contributes to 28 skill points in development of children. As a result of these activities, students reach the necessary skills in their development age easier.

Activities regarding the Development of Skills

Some of the activities regarding development of skills include: Visual Perception Improvement. Visual Motor Coordination. Attention and Concentration Exercises. Social Skills. Fine Motor Skills. Memory Improvement. Interactive learning through Games. Active Reading through Drama Techniques. Creative Thinking. Emotional Development (Socialization – Empathy – Expressing Feelings) Scamper Technique.