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Certification Programs

Today acquisition of knowledge and its effective usage has become one of quality life standards. Wisefull provides trainings that will be beneficial for individuals, corporations and government establishments with their professional instructor and trainers.


Wunderkind is a special academic teaching program for children between the ages of 6-14 that prepares the student to life by improving their skills as they help them focus on success in the environment of the student’s own school.

Psychological Assessments and Tests

Psychological Assessment evaluates human mind, behavior and emotions. After the assessment and evaluation that are proceeded after the completion of the Wisefull Tests, the solutions for problems are focused on through therapy sessions.


It is essential to focus in “the present” to earn the future. You can find ways that lead to your goals together with your coach through academic, family, life, work and group coaching. Choose your coach now.

School Psychologist Services

While we support the school psychologists in the partnered schools, we also provide guiding academic trainings and works to the teachers, students and the parents.

Online Services

You can easily participate in Wisefull Academy’s psychological evaluation and therapy, coaching, personal development and education sessions online with the preferred psychologist, coach and educationist.