School Psychologist Services


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Course Overview

Super Vision Training

The psychologist of the school, which receives psychological counseling services from Wisefull center, will increase the quality of the works they will perform in their school by participating in the “Super Vision Training”. Some of the introduced topics are as follows: Character Analysis. Perception Styles. Generation Theorem. Motivation.

Master Class Training

The psychologist of the contracted school will organize and plan student and parent programs by attending the “master class training” implemented by Wisefull center. Some of the introduced topics are as follows: The Application of Psychological Tests. How student interview sessions must be performed? What are the observation methods? Body language in communication.

Sessions of the Psychologist with the Student

The school psychologist organizes student sessions, which contribute greatly to the student’s mood. Students of the contracted school attend the sessions implemented by the school psychologist in the areas that they seek to support. The enjoyable moments they spend in the specially prepared psychologist’s room contributes greatly to students’ mood.

Sessions of the Psychologist with the Teacher

The psychologist interviews and organizes sessions with the teachers who have open minds and can implement a different point of view in their teachings. The purpose of the sessions that are organized to meet with the teachers is to provide the teachers who want to apply a different and a special approach to each of their students. In these sessions, the school psychologist carefully explains the activities they can apply in individual or group works.


Sessions of the Psychologist with the Parents

The psychologist supplements pedagogical suggestions and solutions to problems that parents can have with their children. The school psychologist interviews the parents about the needed topic and therefore provides the parents with some solutions that they can implement.


The Case Students

The school psychologist completes a six-week session with the detected students. These sessions are specified as cases. These cases are discussed in our Wisefull office, and therefore solutions are suggested to the psychologist. Our psychologist who deals with the students’ educational and personal problems prepares and performs individual sessions with each student. Some of the common causes are as follows: Hyperactivity. Dyslexia – Attention Deficiency. Interpersonal Sensitivity.


Psychological Tests

The school psychologist applies required tests to students depending on their needs in order to provide them with the right suggestions. Using the results of the tests our school psychologist then prepares a report about the student’s developmental traits that are improving and traits that need to be improved and finally shares it with the student’s parents.



Wisefull center makes training in the contracted school every month for teachers, students, and parents. Some of the parent training are as follows: Inter-family/Domestic Communication. Teen Psychology. How can I fight against technological addiction? How can I discover my child’s talents? Some of the teacher trainings are as follows: Motivation and Success in Education. Effective Time Management Skills. Modern Teaching Methods. Mood Management. Some of the student training are as follows: Effective Studying Methods. Profession Choice. Communication Skills. Power of Positive Thinking.



The school psychologist organizes relaxing and therapeutic activities for students in groups. Some of the activity themes are as follows: Coping with Anxiety-Fear and Stress. Teamwork and Interaction. Self-Acceptance.